Here are five quick facts about Parlour Group Founder, Brody Petersen and his journey from snowboarder to the helm of one of Sydney’s hottest hospitality empires. 

When Brody Petersen left high school he wanted to be a snowboarder. No, not the kind that gets signed to lucrative sponsorship deals and makes a living out of “shreddin’ the Gnar”, but one that simply lives to snowboard.

“My family grew up in the mountains and I started snowboarding when I was 11 or 12,” Brody says. “I’ve been hooked ever since.”

To do so, Brody, Canadian-born and bred, moved to Whistler and attempted to find a job that would allow him to snowboard during the day and earn his keep at night.

He found his answer in hospitality, working the busy restaurants of Whistler, where he experienced running a venue from the group up – bussing, glassing, taking orders – until he believed it was time to open up a venue of his own.

Moving to Australia, where his parents has set up home, Brody began laying the foundations for a venue that boasted the same warmth and charm of a Canadian-style restaurant/bar setting – something that was lacking in the Australian market.

“Canada doesn’t have a pub scene but more of a restaurant/bar scene,” Brody says. “I thought a Canadian-style venue would really compliment the Australian hospitality scene.”

As such, The Flying Squirrel and its successor, The Stuffed Beaver, were born. Both venues heralded an era when Brody’s aspirations to combine top-end hospitality, with paired-back ambiance, was met with wide-spread success.

Moving on to larger venues, Brody closed the Squirrel and executed the infamous Sydney stalwart, Riley St Garage, which attracts a large and diverse patronage with its catchy nod to Manhattan, combined with a menu that serves the very best Modern Australia has to offer.

Now, Brody sits at the helm of Parlour Group, an ever-expanding hospitality empire who open venue after venue all featuring exceptional food and service, spiked with a generous dose of Canadian hospitality.

However, there is a lot more to Brody than snowboarding and his affection for Bloody Caesars – Canada’s answer to the Bloody Mary. Here are five fast and fun facts about Brody.

1. He goes to school with Wolfgang Puck

Brody is currently attending the prestigious Owner, President, Manager (OPM) course at Harvard Business School. The list of former alumni includes supermodel Tyra Banks, and current students include none other than celebrity chef, Wolfgang Puck. “Nearing 70, Puck teaches me that learning is a never-ending process,” Brody says. “It’s humbling.”

2. The 3 things he can’t live without are…

His wife and two kids.

3. Banished to a deserted island, the one dish he would take would be…

“Our smokey soy truffle oysters from Riley St Garage. I could eat them all day,” Brody Says.

4. His life mantra is…

Drive fast, take chances

5. He feels most at home in the mountains

“And that’s any mountains in general,” Brody says. “New Zealand, the Alps, anywhere. They make me feel grounded.”