Keep your finger on the pulse with these tantalising cocktail trends coming your way this Spring. 

Fruity, spicy, creamy or sharp, what cocktail trends will you be sampling this coming Spring?

According to Riley St Garage Bar Manager Andy O’Tuama, next season is all about a good dose of gin, tried-and-true classics with fruity notes, and a bespoke twist to all your favourites.


One: The Base

Pure and sharp with a hint of herbal, one can never go wrong with a generous dose of gin. It’s perfect for the hotter weather – crisp, clean, and refreshing,” Andy says.

Once touted for its medicinal purposes in the spirit’s alma mater, Holland, gin slowly trickled its way into the glasses of British troops during the 30 Years’ War. They referred to gin as “Dutch courage.”

Gin made quite the stamp on London’s high society after the war, so much so that their distilleries dedicated much of their time replicating the “good stuff”. Since then, England has led the pack when it comes to serving up a decent gin.

But the gin you’ll be sampling next season won’t come from the cultured streets of London. Rather, the sting in your cup will come from a source a lot closer to home. That is, from the sunny shores of Australia.

“There’s also so many awesome Australian producers making excellent products and pushing the category forward,” Andy says.


Two: The Flavour

In way of taste, spring will predominantly have a focus on fruitier notes. “Fruity is always popular coming into these months,” Andy says.

Think Negronis’ with a twist of lemon, Pina Coladas topped with banana meringue foam, Martinis with a dash of lychee, a little blueberry in your classic Southside.

However, if you’re more of a savoury sort, or like a cocktail that packs a punch, Andy recommends becoming familiar with Amari and Vermouth’s, whose complexity and bitterness will also be making a comeback this spring.


Three: The Hero

Your drink of choice will be none other than the classic Spritz. “They’re perfect for hotter weather, and lower in ABV, so it makes them easily seasonal,” Andy says.

Another forerunner in the trend stakes will be classic whiskey highballs and sip-friendly wine coolers with a bespoke twist.

“At Riley St Garage, your highball will be served with bespoke house made sodas, and a range of house made wine coolers,” Andy says.

Head to Riley St Garage for your upcoming spring fling, where your cocktails will be crafted with fantastically-fruity notes, with a bespoke flair.