According to our expert, Breanne Varney, any space, big or small, can be tailored to suit your needs and tastes to create an inviting ambiance for your next event.

Take it from Bree, who has overseen the establishment of each Parlour Group venue from foundation to finish, any space – and she means any – has the potential to be converted into an entertainer’s dream.

All you need is a few elements to get you on the right track to a great design concept. Here are a few tips to get your space in tip top shape for your next event.


Respect the history

Unless we’re talking about something that has been newly-developed, every space – from block, to building – has a story behind it, one you can tap in to while you’re thinking about the design of your space, or the theme for your next event.

“For example, at Parlour Group, local influences and pieces of each building’s history can be found scattered throughout each venue” Bree says.

“From historic black and white photos of the original mechanic’s space that once filled Riley St Garage, to the exposed brick interior of The Village Inn, every detail builds new character for each space while keeping the history alive.”


Add the vital elements

Now that you have set the first stones, it is important to consider two vital design elements that every entertainer’s dream should possess.

The first is ambiance, “a room can feel like a cold and empty space without it,” Bree says.

The second, is versatility. “Whether you’re hosting an intimate dinner with friends, or an exclusive cocktail event with live entertainment, being able to transform a room to suit any occasion is crucial,”

Ambiance, according to Bree can be created through the use of candlelight, and floral arrangements, event paying special attention to little things such as music levels and lighting.

Versatility can be achieved through additions such as furniture that is easily moved throughout the space, items can be stored, or knick-knacks that can be strategically placed to achieve a different type of setting.


The finishing touches

The space is furbished, the ambiance is set, now all you need is a few more necessities to keep your guests happy.

The first is great service. Whether you’re hosting an event at your own home, or within a hired space, your service game should be on point.

But if you’re not hiring extra help, you can always solve your service issues with a little convenience, such as placing a few trays of delectable food around the room, and assuring a well-stocked bar.

“Having the night run seamlessly with excellent service is the ultimate stress reliever. You’ll be able to relax and enjoy the company of others,” Bree says.

Next, add a touch of flair with some entertainment.

“There is no better way to liven up a night then by adding some live entertainment to the mix.”

But if hiring entertainment solo might drain your budget, consider your rent-a-friend options – DJs who want the practice, or one that can pre-mix your music for the evening ahead of time.


Last but not least…

Most importantly, enjoy the night! Remember, both a space, and an event, are only as good as their host!