With so much extra time on our hands at home these days, our best friend is succulent slow cooked dishes. One of these such beauties is our much-loved (and missed!) signature slow cooked 600g lamb shoulder on the bone. Here is our recipe modified for home iso, for your pure enjoyment…

1. MARINATE (equal parts to cover the lamb)
Japanese soy, water, cooking sake

Preheat the oven to 180 degree celsius and place marinated lamb shoulder in a small, deep pan to cook for 2-3 hours depending on your home oven, until the liquid has reduced completely, to leave the meat fall-off-the-bone level of tender.

3. FINISHING SAUCE (prepare when waiting for the lamb to cook)
100g Barley Miso, 40g Gochujang (spicy miso), 100g Honey, 30g Garlic, 20g Ginger, 50g Shallots, 150ml Japanese soy, 100ml Grape-seed oil.

Pop all the finishing sauce ingredients in the blender until smooth and simmer in a pan on the oven at low temperature until it becomes glossy.

4. LABNEH (served on the side)
Hang 100g plain unsweetened yoghurt using a muslin cloth or cheese cloth to remove most of the liquid. Add 20g garlic puree and a pinch of salt and serve with the lamb. You can also purchase a good quality one at the store if you prefer of course.
We also love hearty chickpeas and fresh seasonal green salad with this dish but get creative with your favourite flavours!

to your family, and shared at the dinner table with a favourite drop of red, garnished with laughter and love.