Step up dinners with our MISO MUSHROOM SAUCE recipe – and serve it as a hero to a beautiful scotch fillet, cooked to your own liking.

Mushrooms (shiitake, button or mix of your favourites) 250g
White miso (available from supermarkets or Asian grocers) 10g
Beef stock (store bought for home prep is fine) 1L
Garlic 30g
Brown onion 200g
Thickened cream 500g

1. Pour the beef stock into a pot and reduce on the stovetop by half (to 500g).  Leave aside to cool.
2. In a pan, sweat the peeled and chopped garlic and onion in vegetable oil on medium heat, and add your desired chopped mushrooms.  Cook for 3-4 mins and cool slightly.
3. Add cooked mushroom mixture into a blender with the reduced beef stock and miso.  Blend it to the desired consistency (smooth or chunky as per your preference).
4. Put your blended mixture onto the pot again with the cream.  Mix well.
5. Cook slowly on a low heat for 10-15 mins stirring occasionally.  Lastly, add salt to taste and it’s ready to serve with your steak.

Add chopped shallots or leeks to garnish and enjoy with a glass of your favourite red.