The ever-charming Sandro Sposato was born in Martinique, a tiny French island in the Caribbean.  His parents are Italian, and growing up the family moved around quite a bit, meaning that these days Sandro identifies as a citizen of the world!

Our highly-experienced Restaurant Manager gained his passion for hospitality from his father.  He worked his way up the ranks from the age of 14 and knew this was what he wanted to do for a living and joined the Paul Bocuse Institute in France fresh out of high school. Thanks to that, he’s been lucky to work for the best chefs in the world, to cultivate his passion

“Today I am proud of the work I do. I do not save lives but inject little amounts of joy and happiness into people’s lives, which always makes me feel good and useful.  I always believed that this job is all about empathy, generosity and psychology. Values that tend and traits that tend to be forgotten in our fast paced, hyper competitive world.”

Three things I can’t live without…
I am not a very materialist person and can live with only the basics.  Life is much more enjoyable when you focus on love, family, and self-care.

My life mantra is…
Treat others how you want to be treated

I feel the most at home…
wherever I can see the horizon over the ocean