Put down the suitcase. Clear your travel itinerary. Here are five ways to enjoy Northern America smack on the shores of Sydney. 

The bright lights and better sights of the grand U.S or A can be luring for many an Aussie traveller but sometimes life can get in the way of your holiday plans.

Here are five ways to enjoy the delights of North America, without leaving home.


1. Embrace the American spirit

Embracing characteristics that are inherently American can make you feel like you’re almost there.

“The Americans I know are from the West Coast and are bubbly, positive, and fun,” Brody Petersen, Founder of Parlour Group, says.

Up the ante when it comes to the positivity and embrace a little West Coast spirit. Throw in a little “go with the flow” mentality and you’re halfway there.


2. Drink like Uncle Sam

Not that we’re sure of the patriotic drinking habits of the American government but every American worth their weight will either drink a decent Bourbon Old Fashioned, or a tonne of light beer.

“While Australia has some great beers, I would recommend pushing yourself out of your comfort zone and embracing an Old Fashioned,” Brody says.

For example, the hickory-smoked, rum-spiked version found at Riley St Garage.


3. Celebrate like you’re at Disneyland

And the best way to do that is to embrace one of the two most important holidays on the American calendar. The first is the 4th of July, second being Thanksgiving.

“Thanksgiving is all about getting all your friends and family together and celebrating life by giving thanks to people,” Brody says.

Instead of slaving away for hours on end perfecting your 10-pound turkey, yams and all the sides, Surly’s will be hosting a delectable Thanksgiving dinner this Novemeber, featuring a fanciful feast, all the best cocktails this side of the pacific, and live entertainment.


4. Eat a LOT of….

Every American pays homage to the humble cheese burger.

“And, you’re not American unless you’re guzzling down one of those bad boys at least once a day, and with real American cheddar, too,” Brody says.

Get your daily dose of cheesy goodness at The Village Inn. Your insides will thank you later.


5. Listen to….

Blues and roots, which can be found at Surly’s. “Or at least an entire loop of nineties hip hop,” Brody says.